IIoT course@IISc: Concept design presentation by Students (Week 8)

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Dear Friends,

The methodology of the course that I’m offering at IISc is a result of my idea of a class room that has evolved over a period of time. I strongly believe that the teacher should only setup an environment for learning and make himself or herself progressively redundant with time. During my time at the institute as a student (2006 -2008) I used to have very intense discussions with my friends on philosophy, which did include ideas of Jiddu Krishnamurthy, Socrates, Plato, Buddha etc and now I see this class room as a perfect platform to experiment with those ideas that originated from the very same campus :)

As mentioned in my previous post, I divided the class into seven groups and each group was assigned a problem statement to solve. The 8th week of the course was on 10th March’17. In this week we had one representative from each group presenting the concept design of the problem they were solving as part of the assignment. I wasn’t quite sure if the students took the assignment very seriously. From the way most of the groups presented I could sense that they had put significant effort in understanding the problem statement. A couple of groups had some problem in understanding the problem statement which got sorted out during the discussion. During this session, I was more of a student trying to understand the work my students presented — unlike other sessions we didn’t have a guest speaker in this class. Each team took nearly took 20 minutes to present their problem statements in detail and also presented how they were planning to solve it. Due to the shortage of time, one team couldn’t present which was shifted to next week.

The product prototype the class intends to develop during the course include: Street light monitoring system with smart controls, Printing press monitoring system, IoT-based monitoring of a Power distribution system for Continuous Process Machines, Smart Industrial Junction box, LT and HT transformer remote monitoring system, Low current transformer quality monitoring in a manufacturing facility and Smart Solar Panel. Though each group is involved in solving their respective problem statement we could see the strong inter-group interaction for mutual assistance in the areas they were weak. The questions and answers session after each presentation really helped the teams do an in-depth analysis of the problem statement that they were working on. I could also see some groups inviting members of other groups to their teams as consultants. Seeing the group dynamics and spirit with which they were helping each other learn, I felt damn good — something I craved to achieve through this course.

By the end of the class, I instructed the participants to come up with the hardware design of their respective product as an assignment for the next class. I’m quite excited about the way the students have responded to the course however it is still wait and watch if the course will really have an impact the way I have imagined.



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