IIoT course@IISc: Industry4.0 and Idea Validation with Sanjeev (week5)

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Dear friends,

It has now been more than a month since I started taking classes at Center for Continuing Education at IISc. I’m glad that the course that I’m offering, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has got awesome support from people coming from Industry and from IoT leaders. This course has now opened up a new dimension to my discussion with people I meet as part of my work.

Before my last Friday’s class I had given an hour long talk on “Internet of Things in Monitoring of Transformers and Circuit Breakers” as part of the short term course on “O&M of Transformers and Circuit Breakers” offered by Power System Training Institute(PSTI) — National Power Training Institute ( Govt.Of India, Ministry Of Power ). When I started my class at CCE, IISc the discussion I had in PSTI was still latent in my mind. Since Transformers and Circuit Breakers are very important electrical components of most manufacturing plant, I fairly twisted the presentation to this crowd by giving insights on product development opportunities using IoT. After the presentation a few in my class expressed great interest in working on the problem statements presented.

The guest speaker for my last Friday’s class was Sanjeev Malhotra — CEO of NASSCOM CoE-IoT. I must say Sanjeev has been a mentor and support to FluxGen after we got into the NASSCOM ecosystem. Even before the IIoT classes started he offered great support to the course and strongly believed in the vision of the course. He had even shared interesting ideas to the course during some brainstorming discussion at NASSCOM CoE-IoT. Among many things he spoke in the class, I’d like to share a few things: Why Industry would invest on IoT in the coming years? Programs that enterprises have for start-ups in IoT space, important things that a startup has to focus in Industrial IoT space, Major opportunities in Industrial IoT. He also shared information about the IoT startups incubated at NASSCOM CoE-IoT and gave general advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. After nearly half an hour talk by him, we had “Idea Validation” session. As part of assignments, we had some ideas (problems statements) defined by the participants. I picked five participants to share their problem statements with Sanjeev. The time spent on Idea Validation with Sanjeev was the most prominent part of the discussion during my previous class.

After Sanjeev’s guest talk we had a short discussion about the project groups and selection of problem statements for the class. My topic for the day was Industry4.0, which I started but couldn’t complete because of the shortage of time. I’m continuing my next class from Industry4.0 design principles. Overall we had a great class and nearly 85% of people attended the class. Next week we are having a guest speaker who would give an introduction to Data Analytics. Some of the participants went to Enfors (Solar PV panel manufacturing firm) the next day (Saturday) to understand panel manufacturing and also to find ways to improve the productivity of the plant by application of IIoT. Dr. Chetan Raghuveer, Director of Enfors, who was the guest speaker in the third week, had made arrangements to visit the plant, which is located in Harohalli Industrial Area.

Thanks for going through the post and please feel free to share your thoughts on this course on how it can be made better.



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