IIoT course@IISc: Semiconductor Industry for IoT Entrepreneurs and Problem Statements(week 7)

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Dear friends,

The IIoT course that I’m offering at IISc has now completed half way mark as per the duration of the course is concerned, however as per the objective is concerned it has just started taking shape. I’m very excited about the interaction we are having on the WhatsAPP group regarding the problem statements and various tools people are using to solve the problem statements.

We started the 7th week’s class (3rd March) with problem statements discussions. The problem statements were extracted from the assignment submitted by the students (2nd week) and problems presented by the guest speakers from Industry (2nd week and 3rd week). Out of 30+ problem statements, I choose seven problem statements, which were Industrial in nature and those which have a high chance of getting a purchase order if implemented. I formed seven groups to solve these problem statements based on the online survey we had conducted among the participants. In any group I tried to have at least one hardware specialist, one software specialist, one inclined towards business plan and one data-analytics enthusiast, however it was not possible to go with this plan in purest sense. I’m glad nobody objected, instead they graciously accepted their team mates immediately after making the announcement. I involved a FluxGen Engineer for each project to felicitate faster learning.I also gave concept design of the product to solve the problem statement as the assignment (for next week) before welcoming the Guest speaker.

The guest speaker for the week was Shivananda Koteshwar, fondly called as Shivoo by his friends and colleagues. Shivoo is the director of MediaTek India, who has vast experience in semiconductor industry that include his time in Intel and Synopsys. He is also the author of the book “50 Shades of Life” and a serial entrepreneur with a very unconventional thinking. I met Shivoo nearly three months back and in my first meeting itself requested him to give a guest lecture in my class for which he offered full support. Shivoo was not only ready to give a talk on “Semiconductor Industry for IoT entrepreneurs”, he agreed to give it on his birthday!

Shivoo started his presentation by giving a broader idea of the semiconductor industry and the market characteristics in last forty years. He gave a very good picture of the mobile, PC and automotive sector with facts and figures. He went on to speak about the predictions of the personal devices for 2017 and growth drivers, before stepping into IoT in general and Industrial IoT in specific. He presented an in-depth analysis of top IIoT products that customer would more likely to pay. The last part of his talk was focused around entrepreneurship in IIoT. The participants had a very lively interaction with Shivoo with interesting question and answer session through out the session. I personally got very excited about the business gyan that he gave towards the end. I could sense that everyone wanted him to come again and share more thoughts on the subject especially the business side of IoT. I requested Shivoo to come for the product validation session and he graciously agreed without any reservations.

Before we concluded the session we did celebrate Shivoo’s birthday by him cutting the cake that we had got for him. Thanks again for going through this post —you can check the slides that Shivoo presented in the below link.




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