IoT and Data Science for CleanTech and AgriTech — Proficiency Course at IISc, Bangalore from 6th August’19

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Dear friends,

I’m offering the 2-credit course on IoT and Data Science for CleanTech and AgriTech in association with Dr. Vijay Mishra (CEO -CTO Center for Nano Science and Engineering CeNSE at IISc)at the Center for Continuing Education at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore starting from August 6th (every Tuesday 6pm to 8pm). This is a certification course from the Indian Institute of Science for the working professionals running for nearly 40 years mostly offered by the full time faculty of the institute. For last three years I have been been offering courses centered around IoT, either from Industrial or the Smart City use case, which turned out to be a great experience. Considering the fact that my interest has been mostly focused on Sustainability in Water, Energy and to an extent Agriculture (as it uses a lot of water and energy), I thought why not offer the course on CleanTech and AgriTech. Since IoT alone won’t make a complete solution, we are offering the course as a package of IoT and Data Science. Anyone with a degree in Engineering, master’s degree in Science or computer application, who is interested in the course can apply to the classroom course through the below website (Please note: IoT and Data Science for CleanTech and AgriTech is course number #4):

Through this course I will help students learn from my own experience as an entrepreneur and technologist in the field of IoT, Data Science, CleanTech and AgriTech. I will start with basics of the mentioned subject and go to the nitty-gritty along with some relevant case studies coupled with assignments leading to project and product prototyping. I would also invite some really knowledgeable guest speakers to the course who have made significant contribution to the field as an entrepreneur, a scientist or a technologist. The course would culminate with a demo day, like a Y-Combinator Demo day, with luminaries in the field of IoT and Data Science come and evaluate the Project/Product Prototype developed by the students. I promise you a wonderful learning experience like every other course I have done in the past. Glad to share testimonials from previous batches of students (from the courses Product Prototyping in IoT, IoT for Smart Cities and Smart Campuses and Industrial IoT )for your reference below.


Last date for the course has been extended. Please contact Mr. Bharat of CCE for registration on+91 80 22932508 (you can give my reference)

Testimonials from past students:

“I had an opportunity to be part of Proficiency Course ‘ Product Prototyping in IoT’ offered by Mr Ganesh Shankar at CCE, IISc. The course not only touched on to the basics of developing a product in IoT but provided a 360-degree outlook to the every minute details of building a prototype and taking it to product level.

His passion to create a better world through energy conservation through the technology inspires people to create and do better.
Almost every class included a small or complete session from different industry experts that provided in-depth knowledge upon a specific domain (IoT application,sensors, cloud computing, AI, patenting, prototype Vs MVP Vs PoC, etc) of building a prototype.
The course encouraged and demanded the participants to learn, share and build products. The course concluded with Protofair-demo day that significantly emphasized the importance of investor’s pitch and the customer niche.
The experiences shared by different guest speakers and Ganesh himself on their journey to build products is something that no textbook can provide.
I highly recommend him as a mentor and leader to create sustainable- energy products for a better society.”

Dr. Meenakshi Malhotra, Associate Professor at JYOTHY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, BANGALORE

I attended Ganesh’s Class on “Product Prototyping in IoT” at IISc during the Jan to May 2019 session. It was a huge surprise to find such a path breaking and unique class being offered at IISc ! Instead of just remaining focused on IoT, the class encouraged; infact enabled people to think of their tryst with IoT as a great chance to turn into Entrepreneurs. Instead of being Technology specific, it was a problem-centric business course that attempted to equip us with all tools to clearly identify the problem and build a proper business case around it. I found the spirit with which the course was conducted as extremely positive and instigating youngsters to learn not just for bookish knowledge, but to apply it to change the world. Further, lot of practitioners of the trade were invited too. The open discussion culture was extremely positive and invigorating. Fluxgen seems to have a very open culture of participation and mutual growth and I believe Ganesh can lead this to another level all together with his pure passion and madness to change things. The only negative I found, was it was indeed a bit too romantic about entrepreneurship, but I would live with it since it was eye opener in many other ways and I was surprised to see how co-students were really excited to give it a go ! Wonderful and very different class experience indeed.

Ratanjit Sohal
Director Technology & Innovation, Uttejna Technologies

I had an opportunity to attend continued learning program for professionals from CCE, IISc, Bangalore. The course was on Product prototyping in IoT space, taught by Ganesh Shankar and Dr.Vijay Mishra.
We had guest speakers from startups sharing their success stories, technocrats from different fields of engineering, academic researchers. Every class was inspirational, kudos to Ganesh’s effort. Recommend this course to anyone who wish to be entrepreneurs and don’t know where to start. Thank you very much Ganesh.

Girish G
Analyst at Wells Fargo India Solutions Pvt Ltd

I’ve seen Ganesh go above and beyond in bringing IOT concepts to a commercial viable product. He has been so passionate about professionals venturing into entrepreneurial backgrounds and has given a platform to demonstrate our work and helped find potential opportunities in markets. Because of his passion and immense knowledge about future technology it’s has left a positive mark on professionals. Never seen an engaging class as ganesh Sir’s. Keep up the good work sir.

Vivek Ram Vasan,
Software Engineer at Robert BOSCH Engineering and Business Solutions

I attended “Product prototyping in IOT”, a course offered by Ganesh sir at CCE, IISC. His work in IOT and towards sustainable Future is very inspiring. He enjoys teaching which makes his lectures extremely interesting.

Naseer S
Intern at SELCO Foundation

I have attended Prototyping IoT course conducted by Ganesh Shankar at IISC, Bangaluru.I had prior experience in IoT. However this course has helped me in building prototype and connect with many IoT product owners.
Ganesh has kept the sessions interesting and brought industry perspective. I recommended this course for those who are interested to solve real-life problem using IoT.

Raghu Prasad
Founder & CEO at Kaushalya Technical Training and Consultancy Services

Ganesh Sir is one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met. He was my professor for IOT for smart cities and campuses, IISC CCE course.
His passion for teaching and his work is extremely inspiring. He finds something exciting in everything he sees, which makes him one of the best entrepreneurs this country has seen.
His course in IISC is a platform for students to believe they can make products and the way he structured the course helps them to even making a startup of their own.
His constant support and motivation keeps you going.
Hope he achieves all his milestones in life!

Anusha Sheth
Associate Software Engineer at Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

“Ganesh is an amazing professional, who brings all of the skills and expertise in entrepreneurship, sales and community development. It was indeed a wonderful thing to learn and engage with him as the Professor at IISC for the course on IoT for Smart Cities and Campuses.

His capability to inspire customers, students, employees and partners are was quite impressive particularly to me. Most of the professionals who worked in the same capacity had to take years to get to learn from experience on how to handle these responsibilities, which seemed natural to him. The drive to dedicate his life to the field of sustainability is highly motivating and inspiring.

Besides that, Ganesh with his unwavering confidence and boldness made me inspired to learn and apply the skills being taught in the class, indeed he has been the best guide of my life to learn how to manage and develop both personal and professional skills.

I hereby highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for his expert advise and counsel”

Ashish Anand,
Founder and CEO, Afterglow Technologies

I attended the Industrial Internet of Things conducted by Ganesh at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. With the backdrop of his experience in social entrepreneurship using IoT, he provided a good sounding board in analyzing and strategizing business opportunities using IoT. His diverse knowledge , experience, network and energy has been a motivation and given a sense of purpose in my own attempts at being an entrepreneur.

Ganesh is a generous educator, giving time and resource much beyond what is expected of the course and facilitating sharing and networking long after the completion of the course.

Rekha Madhava
Technical Solutions Architect at Deepfunda LLP

Mr. Ganesh, is one of those rare CEO’s who would support a co-worker to build their own startup. I was fortunate to be mentored by him for a course on Industrial Internet of Things(IIOT) at IIsc. His leadership skills and expertise in the field of IOT is truly remarkable: which paved the way to complete more than six distinct projects, over a time line of 14 weeks. Also, I am truly inspired by the way he gives back to the community. During a visit to his company, it came to my understanding that the interns were on a hiking trip as a part of their internship. These simple, elegant traits of ideology ingrained into a humble personality, sets him apart form the rest. Any employee, would be lucky to have him as a mentor.

Sharwon Pius
International Fellow @

It is my great pleasure to write recommendation for Mr. Ganesh who was our Faculty at IISc CCE course on Industrial Internet of thing’s. Which I attended recently. He is a man with a passion and very hard working.We got to learn more than what we expected from the course .He sees that the required target or activities planned gets completed. He gave us required inputs at right time. It was really great learning to work with such a leader.

Mithun M
Assistant Manager at AMS

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