Mid-term Test for the semester course “Product Prototyping in IoT” at IISc

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Dear Friends,

I started the course “Product Prototyping in IoT” in association with Dr. Vijay Mishra in January at Center for Continuing Education at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore with a mission to help my students build products using Internet of Things. I’m glad the students are developing very interesting product prototypes namely: Indoor Positioning System, Water Quality Monitoring, School Bus Tracking System, Cheat Buzzer for Exams, Smart Infant Warmer, Block spot and garbage detection system, Smart home automation and Indoor Security System. Today I conducted the midterm test to check the depth at which they have been able to understand the product they are planning to build from both technology and business perspective - happy to share the question paper for your reference below. Also, please feel free to contact me if you are interested in the course or the product prototypes being developed by my students.


Ganesh ( sganesh@alum.iisc.ac.in)

Center for Continuing Education, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Product Prototyping in IoT (Course number 17) – Midterm Test - March 13, 2019

Dear Students,

Good evening! Here is the question paper, I hope you enjoy answering it. Please remember that your answers have no value if you don’t build the product prototype by the end of the semester. Request you to keep the
answers to the point - as succinct as possible. In the interest of environment, I will only valuate three sheets of paper (front and back counted as one) submitted by you. Thanks for your time. All the best! Ganesh Shankar

1. What problem of the end user are you trying to solve? (4marks)

2. What is the existing solution for the problem you are trying to solve (4marks)

3. What solution do you propose? What are the top three value proposition of the product/Service you are building? (5marks)

4. Why is IoT required in the solution?(4marks)

5. Which customer segment you are addressing first and second, and why? (Hint: Is it a bleeding problem or nice to have for the target segment) (4 marks)

6. What government policies would favor the product to flourish in the market? How is technology landscape favoring your solution? (Hint: Demonetization lead to digital payment flourish, Broadband penetration
lead to the success of Youtube and other video sharing networks) (5marks)

7. If you were to get Rs. 10Lakh seed fund to build your product and business, how would you utilize the money? (Please draw a pie chart to answer the question) (5 marks)

8. How would you share responsibilities with your team members in building the solution? What is your role in building the solution? (Please mention both technical and non-technical roles) (4 marks)

9. What are the potential risks of your solution to not able to deliver the proposed value? (Why could it fail? Any assumptions that may become invalid?)(5 marks)

10. How many end user interviews have you done so far? How many of them have agreed to buy the solution once you are ready to sell? And at what price do you think you will plan to sell at? (Please share the pricing model if
the end user is not the financial buyer of the solution) 10 marks

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