Not another IoT course. A FluxGen — Workbench Projects venture!

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Dear Friends,

About five months back I wrote a post about a dream project that I was embarking on — starting a two credit course on Industrial Internet of Things at my almamater Indian Institute of Science. I’m extremely glad that the course took off well with very good registrations and the students are taking great interest in the course by participating in both online and offline discussion and also working on the assignments to develop product prototypes. I started the course with the vision of developing Industrial IoT products in the class room based on the problems statements defined by industries and manufacturing facilities (Some of whom actually came to the class to state their problems). The class is in the verge of completing the “Minimum Viable Product” by solving the problem statements. The course is going to end by first week of May — I’m quite excited about avenues that will open up for one and all associated with the course.

From the second week of May, I will be starting my next project in similar lines - this time in collaboration with Workbench projects(WP). Before I tell you about the project, let me give a short intro of WP. Its is a makers space, fablab and co-working space, which is located literally below the Halasuru Metro station (Bangalore) housing the state of the art rapid prototyping equipments, like 3D printer, laser cutters, CNC machines, carpentry tools, Soldering station, welding tools etc. I guess I mention it before also, that more than the things, the people in Workbenchprojects are super friendly creatures driven by the desire to create something fun — you should meet them. Now coming back to the project, I’ll be conducting a 7+1 week course on IoT with the focus on rapid prototyping of IoT products, unlike my previous course which was focused on solving Industry problems. I’m more excited about this project because I have a lot more crazy ideas to execute in this course than what I had previously started.

We are organizing a Meet-up to share details about this course on this Wednesday (that is 12th April ’17) at Workbench Projects from 6:30PM to 8PM. I invite you all to the event — its a free event. You’ll get to know about the course content, activities and what is so different about the approach in which the course will be conducted. I hope to see you and also your friends who believe that the world will be a lot different place with IoT products, like how computers, internet and mobile phones changed the way we live life now. We are also showcasing some exciting demos on IoT and taking you through various facilities that WP has for product prototyping. Please share your contact details in the below link to register to the meetup:



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