Proficiency Course on “IoT for Smart Cities and Smart Campuses” at CCE, IISc Bangalore

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Dear friends,

As you know, I have been offering a semester long course on Industrial Internet of Things at the Center for Continuing Education at Indian Institute of Science, for a couple of years now. I’m glad the course had full registration (40) during previous semester and the students responded to my experiments in the classroom with great enthusiasm. It was delightful to have collaborated with Dr. Pavan Tallapragada, faculty at Electrical Engineering Department, IISc, who was also my senior in Mass Spectrometer lab during my time as as student in the institute. Since this course is for students outside the institute, we mostly had working professionals from companies like Bosch, GE, ACE Manufacturing System, HP, Mindtree, etc as the course participants. Some of the students were sponsored by their respective organizations — in fact ten students were sponsored by Bosch. The course also attracted faculty from engineering colleges and other academics institutions too. Apart from my lectures, I invited eminent engineers to the class as guest speakers, which include Shivoo Koteshwar ( Site head and General Manager of MediaTek India), Prasad HB (former AVP of Infosys, director of Information Security at PESU), Shivaram KR ( Founder and CEO of Curl Analytics), Rakesh Sharma (Head of Design Thinking at Cisco India), Pradeep HS (Program manager at Adobe) and Gomathi Sankar (ex-Cisco, Founder and CEO, DAACO works — started after previous Industrial IoT course) to share their expert view on topics of relevance to the course. My colleague. Jagatheeswaran, who is a very passionate engineer at FluxGen, gave a couple of hands-on IoT workshop to the students in the class room and supported them at FluxGen Lab too. For the first time, we managed to have a Pitch day and demo day of the product prototype developed by the students as part of the course. I’m happy that nearly three fourth of the students graduated from the course and got their course completion certificates from the institute recently. I’m even happier because the product prototypes developed by one of the teams is now taking the shape of a full fledged product and will hit the market from January 2019.

The success of the Industrial IoT course has prompted me to take up another subject of my interest — IoT for Smart Cities and Smart Campuses. As the title says I’m offering this course starting from August to December 2018 ( every Thursdays 6–8PM) in collaboration with Dr. Pavan. The ultimate goal of this course is again to come up with field deploy-able IoT solutions for the smart cities and smart campuses just like how my previous students developed for Industries. We will have class room discussions on IoT tools for smart cities and case studies on the same, which includes water management, traffic control, parking systems, waste management, law and order — policing, smart electricity grid, health care etc. We will also have sessions on allied technologies to IoT such as Artificial Intelligence, AR VR, Block-chain and Big data analytics (in the context of subject), which are equally important for building smart cities and smart campuses.

The course is open to all engineering, MCA and M.Sc graduates from various backgrounds with basic knowledge in electronics and programming. The course is a blend of business and technology — we will also have sessions on design thinking, business model canvas and product market fit analysis apart from discussions on technology stack for smart cities and smart campuses. Besides mine and Pavan’s lectures on the topic, we aim to bring passionate speakers, with immense industrial experience, keen on delivering key value to the course curriculum, which I’m sure will enrich the student experience. We plan to curate the course with the help of many individuals in the field of IoT and smart cites — please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in building the content for the course — we are more than happy to collaborate and learn from your experience.

The course registration has started on the CCE, IISc website. I hope to see some of you register to this course immediately (as the seats are getting filled) and we together build some super awesome stuff for the cities and campuses we live in. For your convenience, I’m sharing the web link for the registration (Please note the “IoT for smart cities and smart campuses” is course number 13, every Thursdays 6PM to 8PM):


PS: The video of the demo day of the course on Industrial IoT that I offered at CCE, IISc (January –May 2018):

A post about the first edition of the Industrial IoT course published in GoodWorks Coworks site:

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