Second edition of my IIoT course at IISc!

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Dear friends,

I’m very happy to inform you that I’m offering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) proficiency course at the Indian Institute of Science campus this year too. This year, I’m collaborating with Dr. Pavan Kumar Tallapragada, currently Assistant Professor at Electrical Engineering Department at IISc. The course is open to public and will be held every Thursday from 6 PM to 8 PM starting from the 2nd Week of January 2018 at the Center for Continuing Education, IISc Bangalore. Engineering Graduates/Post Graduates(BE/BTech/ME/MTech) from any branch and MCA grads are eligible to apply for the course. More information about the course (IIoT is course number 12) can be found here :

This course was my dream project last year. As part of the course, I started a hypothetical IIoT start-up called as 14WEEKS IoT Technologies Private limited for participants. Apart from the regular lectures that I gave, I initially invited Owners and Directors of manufacturing companies to visit my class room. I also requested them to state the pain points (read: Problem Statements) they were facing in their work place, which could potentially be solved by the application of technology. The problem statements defined by the guests were then converted as assignments and project work, leading to a product prototype. In this way we came up with the following seven prototypes: Street light monitoring system with smart controls, Printing press monitoring system, IoT-based monitoring of a Power distribution system for Continuous Process Machines, Smart Industrial Junction box, LT and HT transformer remote monitoring system, Low current transformer quality monitoring in a manufacturing facility and Solar Panel level monitor. We also had domain experts and Industry leaders visit every week to share their thoughts with the class. In fact , we had the director of Mediatek India — Shivoo Koteshwar, CEO of NASSCOM CoE-IoT- Sanjeev Malhotra, VP of IESA — Venkatesh Kumaran and other prominent personalities as guest speakers. The course was a mix of business and technology, like-wise the evaluation of the course was also done based on the students preference.

On conclusion of the course, I was thrilled to hear that five participants left their jobs in MNCs to become entrepreneurs in the IoT space. They were people who were planning to startup but after the course they became more confident in taking chances as they could see the opportunities and direction with better clarity. I was also glad some of them could transition to IoT and Machine Learning space with in their organization and some outside. The rest are doing interesting IoT projects during their weekends for the pure joy of doing it.

We also registered 14weeks as a private limited company. Since I didn’t have the bandwidth to run a new company I was scouting for the co-founders for the company. I found two young passionate engineers, Aditya Bhat and Kaustubh Karnataki, who have supported FluxGen during the course. They expressed great interest in working on the problem statements and did come up with totally out of the box solutions. Now they run the company and I guide them regularly. We have developed two products out of the seven problem statements. One on Street light monitoring and other on Solar Panel Level Monitoring using drone based thermal imaging. In fact the later just got selected for product innovation in a global competition in Dubai and Aditya is currently there to pitch to the investors from around the world. I’m very inspired by the amount of hardwork that Aditya and Kaustubh are doing to take the company to the next level.

Coming back to the topic of the post, I’m quite excited about the second edition of the IIoT course and the prospects. Now that I’m experienced and I think I may have acquired greater knowledge in the engineering and business of IIoT with time, I’m all geared up with newer and crazier ideas for the course. I must also say that the coaching that I’m (as FluxGen) getting as part of Cisco Launchpad is something that I would like to share with more people and I can’t find a better place than IISc — the place that made me the person I’m today.

See you in the classroom in the New Year!


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